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Welcome to the learnesol website. It has been made for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) learners in Glasgow. It provides information on all aspects of learning ESOL and it tries to answer the many questions learners have about ESOL.


Questions About ESOL

The information on this website tries to answer your questions. If you still dont have an answer to your questions by the end, click on Further Help.


There are lots of reasons why learners study ESOL. Here are some:



A few years ago my husband came to Scotland in search of work. Me and my children followed him gradually.

Regina Siwiec


In 2003 when the Iraqi war started my life was in danger so I decided to leave my country and I came to the UK.

Kaywan Hassan


I came here in order to learn English. At the moment I am working as an au-pair.

Veronica Varela Pallas




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